There is no doubt that we are living in a technology era with cars that drive themselves, planes that fly themselves, and tractors that farm the field themselves. So there should be no surprise that with man's "infinite wisdom" that mother nature isn't even safe from the technology boom.

Scientist have modified the genetic makeup of all of our food to make them grow faster, grow bigger, and die quicker in order to raise and harvest bigger yields. Chemicals are also being made for the same benefit, or to kill unwanted plants, such as weeds. The problem is that is the only thing they research when making these changes. They don't look at the side effects these changes as closely as they look at the benefits.


Sugar is a raw natural ingredient, however unless it is organic sugar you can be assured that it has gone through a chemical process to clarify and whiten the sugar. Whenever you find something from nature like sugar you are going to find irregularities, and shape, color, texture, and even taste. In modern day Sugar we find Sulfur Dioxide, Phosphoric Acid, Calcium hydroxide, and polyacrylamide. All of these chemicals can be harmful to you if consumed in a large quantity.

Women should not consume more than 100 calories of any added sugar in a day, or about 6 teaspoons. Men should not exceed more than 150 calories a day in added sugar, or about 9 teaspoons. When using sugar, make sure to always use Organic Sugar only. Organic cost more because farmers can't mass produce organic as easily as processed sugars can be made. The health benefits are more worth it, and with the price change you will likely be more conservative with your serving sizes.

High fructose corn syrup

We eat because our body tells us we are hungry, we also stop eating because our body tells us we are full. Cholecystokinin is a hormone the body creates to let your brain know you are full. High fructose corn syrup blocks the body from receiving these signals, thus creating a bigger appetite.

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) also contains contaminants that are not monitored by the FDA like mercury. As HFCS continues to grow in popularity so does obesity, and diabetes at the same rate.

Enriched Flour

All flour is not created equal. It goes back to the same concept of sugar. The objective here is to make all flour look, feel, and taste the same. To achieve this flour manufacturers strip flour of all of its raw natural ingredients like the vitamins and minerals, giving it a fine texture, and to improve its shelf life. This causes the body to process the flour at a rapid pace, in results giving you a short burst of energy instead of a longer steadier controlled energy increase. Also the body digest it quicker. This can result in increased blood sugar. The liver can only digest so much at a time, and this forces the body to metabolize it and turn it into fat to store.

When buying Flour, make sure that it is Organic, and non-GMO. For those who have wheat intolerances, or want an alternative, look into Coconut Flour. We recommend getting Viva Labs Organic Non-GMO and Gluten-Free Coconut Flour. Viva Labs flour is 100% pure, unbleached, non-deodorized coconut flour is free from unwanted additives and fillers. Their coconut flour is also certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

Saturated Fat

Saturated fat is found in dairy products such as cheese and butter, or even red meats like Steak. The problem with saturated fat is that it raises your bad cholesterol and increases your risk for heart disease. If you are looking for an oil to use that is not full of saturated fat, then avocado oil may be a better healthier alternative. Keep in mind any type of oil natural or not you want to limit as much of it as you can whenever possible.


Hydrogenated Oil

This next one is good for skin moisturizing; however, it is terribly dangerous to consume. healthy oils are delicate and don't have a long shelf life. Food manufacturers use Hydrogenated Oil because it is more stable, and has a longer shelf life. This makes it cheaper to create their product, and gives them a longer shelf life. However, your body suffers from it.

If you are looking for something to grease that pan before your next meal, instead of using chemically created lard, consider using USDA Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Extra virgin olive oil is made from cold pressing olives.

One of the best things to do is to shop from a local farmer's market, and purchase only the fruits and vegetables that are in season. If it is out of season it is likely GMO produced, unless you know the farmer and they grow it in a controlled greenhouse with no use of harmful chemicals or toxins. As we advance further into the Technology era and become more reliant on it, we will begin to find it more difficult to make healthy eating decisions.


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