Jump Start Your Day With Energeia Egyptians knew about honey secretsWe all love the sweet taste of honey, but did you know it is also good for you in many ways? We bet you diddn't know those busy little bees carry healing powers! That's right honey can be used for more than just a natural sweetener.

Treating Burns

Honey has been used to treat the skin from burns, dating all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians. It has been recorded from the thousand year old tombs of the great pharos of those times used honey to treat their burns. In fact, when compare honey to the modern day burn cream that you would find at your pharmacy, you will find honey helps the wound heal almost as fast as conventional medicated burn creams. Even being all natural the honey is only approximately 1-2 days slower. Not bad for being natural!

Protect Against Brain Cell Damage

The sweet nectar of the honey is loaded with antioxidants that may help prevent cellular damage in the brain. Taking 20 grams of honey a day has shown to make you less likely to have short-term memory loss. What was that? That's right, even though Alzheimer's and memory loss is becoming more common in America, perhaps many of us just need to put a little honey on our cereal then we will remember why we walked into that room.

Scalp Control

benefits of raw honeyNow this next one is messy, but did you also know that honey can help relieve the side effects of dandruff? Just mix 1 part honey, 9 parts warm water then rub it into your scalp. Let it sit for two to three hours, then rinse it off. This will help reduce itching and scaling within a week if repeated nightly.

Mother Nature Wins Again!

There are many more great benefits to honey, however we will end with this interesting little fact about these little warriors that make our honey:

Did you know that if we paid honey bees minimum wage, the average jar of honey would cost over one million dollars! So next time you see that busy little bee buzzing around, perhaps you will think twice before smacking it. Sit back and relax, let the little guy work hard so you can Live Healthy, and Shop Nutritional!

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