Boost your weight loss planFor most people the term Juicing and Blending are the same and so are their benefits. People often select any juice blends for their consumption without realizing its purpose and potential. Commonly, they often consider juicing as blending, but there are quite a few distinctive traits between them that ensure a juicer remains completely different from a blender. We will walk you through the differences so you can make a healthy choice to how to prepare your drinks.

What Is The Difference Between Juicing And Blending?

Blend or JuiceAny person who wants to increase their knowledge about health concepts often face a problem while drinking their cup of fresh juice early morning, “ what is the difference between juicing and blending?” So to clear up things, juicing is the process that extracts all the water and nutrients from a fruit or vegetable or any produce. Once this process is completed, the indigestible fiber of the produce is discarded. As the fibers are broken it becomes easy for the body to digest the nutrients available in larger quantities from vegetables and other produce.

Blending is the process of breaking the fiber apart of a fruit or vegetable. All the parts of the produce are taken in and nothing is discarded. Through blending, the nutrients in the body are released slowly in the blood stream so that no sugar spikes occur. Blends also known as smoothies are filling and quicker to make. Since blends are filling, they can be consumed as breakfast and as snacks.

Juicing is a great choice for people with a digestive problem. It is also used as a part of body healing and detoxification programs. Juices are rich in nutrition, so they nourish the body at the cellular level. However, as they digest fast, they can make you hungry quickly. Blending can be made nutritious and tasty by adding fibers to it. Many people use vitamin mix to have a full diet. Smoothies digest slowly, so they make you feel filled longer than juices.

Juicer Versus Blender

To get the most benefit from smoothies or the juices you consume, you need to use the right appliance. If you have already decided the right form of natural drink consumption, you would know whether to choose a juicer or a blender. However, if you are thinking about the functionality of the appliances, it is better to know more about the equipment. Here are few pointers on juicer versus blender:

•A juicer is ideal for juicing, while a blender for smoothies. A blender can be used in the kitchen for blending several other food items, but a juicer can only perform the function of juicing.

•Invest in a good quality juicer, when you are buying one. Cheap juicers introduce oxygen and heat to the juice, thus destroying all the nutrients and enzymes from the content. A good juicer may cost you a little extra initially, but the benefits are more and you reap the benefits of having a nutrient rich drink. Try using juicers that work on cold press or mastication.

•In case of a blender, same standards apply. Invest in a good blender and not the cheap ones in the market. Always choose a blender that is gentle while processing and does not heat up quickly, as that would destroy the enzymes. Investing in a good blender is worth the money spent.

The Rules For Juicing And Blending

Like everything else in the food processing industry, juicing and blending both have some basic standard rules. Following them will ensure that you get the best juice or blend with all the nutrients intact.

•Not all fruits and vegetables go well together, so it is better to avoid the combination of fruits and vegetables while juicing or blending. In certain cases, vegetables mixed with fruits increases the starch content. Starch takes time to digest; sometimes they can cause fermentation and gas in the body leading to uneasiness in the body.

•Drink juices or smoothies right away. The longer they stay the more light and air destroys the nutrients. It is always better to drink it within fifteen minutes. In case you cannot consume the juice immediately, store it in an air tight, dark container.

The Conclusion

If you are juicing or blending, at the end of the day you are going to be living a healthier life than drinking a mass manufactured drink that's full of preservatives and sat on a shelf for months. That being said It seems that a blender is going to lock in the most amount of nutritious vitamins and minerals into your drink, have less mess, and an easier clean up.

We looked online for blenders, and not just any blender, no we wanted a blender that could stand the test of time, and that would really break the ingredients down fine enough to enjoy as a drink. Our conclusion was that the best blender we could find on the market was product called Blendtec. They are a little pricier than a Walmart blender. However, they are also higher quality. To get a Blendtec for yourself go to Designer 625 (Pomegranate). They also sell refurbished models with the same type of guarantee for those on a budget. Total Blender Certified Refurbished


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