Jump Start Your Day With EnergeiaDespite the report published by Annals of Internal Medicine asserting that most supplements do not prevent chronic diseases, a third to over a half of American adults still use them. And with the growing popularity of easy-to-pop gummy vitamins for adults, this number seems likely to increase.

Although vitamin supplements have existed for years, gummy vitamins for adults have only started to become popular a few years back after big companies started introducing them in the market. Many of them sell well because unlike the typical supplements, they taste better thanks to their candy-like appearance and taste.

Adult Gummies and Vitamin Supplementation

Do Gummy Vitamins Work?In order to function well, the body needs about 13 vitamins. These include vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and the B-group of vitamins. While we typically can get them from food, not all of us have a well-balanced diet to meet our bodies’ needs for these essential vitamins. This is where vitamin supplements become useful.

But before you start popping these supplements, it’s important to note that these products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. While third-party agencies can provide them with a seal of approval, companies are not required to get them. Also, the process of getting these supplements ‘certified’ varies from one agency to another. One agency may verify its content while others may have a different way of doing it.

Gummy vitamins appeal well to adults because they are just like candies. They resemble the taste of vitamin chewable we used to enjoy when we were kids. But here’s the problem: because they’re easier to munch on without having second thoughts, they can be prone to abuse.

Their potential for abuse is what worries many health experts with the use of the gummy vitamins. Unlike candies, gummy vitamins are more than just about sugar, they contain essential vitamins. And when you’re taking too much of them (which isn’t very hard to do), you are placing yourself on a risk for vitamin toxicity.

Another problem with these adult gummies is that it’s typically made with sugar. As several studies have pointed out, added sugar isn’t good for the body.

It is also the attempt of many companies to make them taste like candies that’s making it hard to think whether there is a good ratio between the essential vitamins and sugar when these supplements are made. It’s quite a challenge to pack a candy-like substance with the essential vitamins and minerals without putting too much sugar and other artificial ingredients.

Blurring the Line

Adult gummy vitamins are not 100% evil. In fact, they are highly useful for those who find it hard to meet their daily vitamin and mineral requirements from diet and typical supplements. Because they taste just like candies, many people are becoming less hesitant in taking vitamin supplements. They can also be good alternatives for those who find it challenging to swallow the typical supplements because of size and texture.


Taking vitamin supplements can be good for you especially if you have certain diet restrictions that keep you from meeting the necessary vitamin and mineral needs. The taste and form of adult gummies makes it easier for most of us to take vitamin supplements. But it is the very form and taste of these supplements that can make them dangerous to our health too. Hence, moderation should be observed and adult gummies shouldn’t be treated as candy, even if they taste like one.