Sleep is crucial for the human body. It boost the mind and the body making it feel rejuvenated and ready to move on with daily chores of life. Did you know that 85% of the mammalian species are polyphasic sleepers? These types of sleepers usually take small naps throughout the day to energize themselves. Human beings are a part of the minority sleepers, they sleep for a certain period while remain awake for another period. Elderly people and young children are often found taking short nap throughout the day. While napping is becoming obsolete because of the busy schedules people have, taking a quick nap for 20-30 minutes can uplift the mood and increase alertness and performance in a person. If quality nighttime sleep is something you are deprived off, schedule yourself for a power nap.

How to Power NapThe Types Of Naps

A nap can be classified into three different categories. Based on the varied ways of sleeping, style, and its patterns, naps can be classified.

Planned sleep- known as preparatory napping, it involves sleeping for a few minutes before actually getting sleepy. It is a form of sleeping where the person sleeps beforehand for some time knowing that he will be up later after bedtime. You can try this form of sleeping to ward off getting tired.

Emergency napping- another form of sleeping that happens suddenly when the body is very tired and cannot continue with any kind of activity. This form of sleeping is common when working with heavy machinery or any dangerous tool. During this phase, the brain speaks to the body in a language that says I want a nap, which results in the body feeling tired.

Habitual napping- a practiced form of sleeping, this type of napping is more like a routine where people fall asleep anytime they want every day. Sometimes adults take a quick nap at work, which is also a form of habitual napping. However, napping at work is not advisable, unless you are one of the lucky few when management understands the health benefits and designated a place for napping.

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How To Nap-Tips

Taking a power nap is an art. Every person falls asleep at least once a day, but not everyone is aware of the artistic tactics of taking a nap and then waking up fully recharged and feeling fresh. Here are some useful tips on how to nap.

•Take a short nap of 20-30 minutes for short-term alertness. The alertness nap helps your body to increase awareness without feeling groggy. It also does not interfere with your nighttime sleep.

•A person sleep environment is highly important in making the person fall asleep. The place where you sleep should be restful and the temperature of the room should be comfortable one. Use tools that reduce the noise limits.

•Usually naps have a schedule and maintaining them is better. If a person takes naps too late then he might face difficulty falling asleep at night. The body needs to be prepared for sleep in order to have proper sleep.

How Long Should You Nap?

There are separate theories about the amount of time you should spend on a power nap. However, some common facts about a short nap include a few standard amount of sleeping. For example, a quick nap increases alertness in the body and helps the body get back to work in a pinch. Therefore, a person needs to sleep for 10-20 minutes for this sleep. If you want cognitive memory processing, then an hour nap is essential. However, after waking you might feel a little groggy. A 90-minute nap is a full cycle of sleep. It boosts creativity and the emotional, procedural memory. The person taking a full nap do not feel any sleep inertia.

Benefits of a Nap

Napping has psychological benefits. It is like a mini vacation, as it provides some relaxation and rejuvenation of the body. Any person taking power nap feels alert and active directly after the nap, this sensation, and alertness remains in the body for a few more hours for some people. Proper sleep also ensures that the person feels relaxed. It also reduces mistakes and accidents. If you cannot schedule your sleep, taking power naps from time to time will help you cope better with work and mood swings.

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