#1 Selling Foot Detox PatchCaffeine addiction has been one of the new types of addiction in the past decade. The growing trend and role that coffee plays in our modern day society, has led to the addiction of the beverage, which in turn, leads to the addiction of the key component that is in coffee. Caffeine, in its concentrated form is known to be quite pernicious to health and is also known to have profoundly devastating effects on the psychology of a person through engendering an addiction. Studies have shown that caffeine may be as addictive as cigarettes.

How to Detox From CaffeineThe highly driven workplace of the contemporary age has resulted in many people partaking in the habit. It is also a common norm to meet over and socialize over the beverage or a coffee shop. This has given rise to a detrimental addiction problem, especially amongst the younger population. In fact, the problem has devolved to such an extent that people are facing coffee withdrawal. They are also facing addiction problems and caffeine addiction symptoms. The practice of coffee or caffeine detox has also become the norm. Many youngsters are on the path of coffee and caffeine detox. They are trying to purge themselves off the effects and symptoms of the beverage. There are many measures to detox from coffee, however, if you are addicted to the beverage, it is best to quit completely. You could either wane off the habit or quit cold turkey.

Battling a coffee addiction has become additionally hard, especially due to the induction of caffeine into nearly everything, including desserts, types of ice cream flavors and many others. Coffee detox is very simple as a process and doesn’t need much of an investment of money or energy, however, it is difficult, but not impossible in terms of will power. Here are some simple steps to coffee detox.

Become acutely aware of the caffeine presence in any consumables

Due to the inundation of caffeine into so many aspects of life, it is extremely difficult to even be aware of a lot of products that may or may not contain caffeine. For instance, soft drinks contain huge amounts of caffeine in them. Coffee is not the only beverage that contains caffeine. It is also present in many desserts that use coffee extracts or powders as a source of flavor. During the first step of detoxing, it is very important to know and be absolutely sure of what food and beverage does contain caffeine, and what does not. If caffeine is consumed unknowingly, it will counter-productive and will make it much tougher to detox the next time around. It is quite common for people to go into withdrawal during the detox. During this period, people are known to consume painkillers, however, it is important to know which painkillers to take exactly, as there are a number of painkillers easily available in the market that contain caffeine. Some people inject themselves with it unknowingly during detox.

Prepare for the withdrawal symptoms

The withdrawal is considered to be the toughest part of coffee detox. Some of the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal are mild bouts of headaches, muscle stiffness, irritability, and a very low tolerance level. It may also include restlessness, fatigue and hot and cold chills. The body realizes the dearth of caffeine and acts out. It is important to keep calm and focused during this period. Avoid loud places, and remain in as peaceful and comfortable an environment as possible.

Wane off the problem

As many studies have indicated, caffeine detox is also something that must be done gradually and not cold turkey. In the case of any addiction, the sudden starvation of a habit will make the body display very severe withdrawal symptoms. Due to this it is best to ease your way into detox and have milder and more bearable doses of the withdrawal symptoms.

Attend to the problems cautiously

The withdrawal symptoms may be severe, but it is important to know to treat them objectively. As many drugs contain caffeine it is important to avoid such medication. In most cases, the most effective measure is ample rest. If there is any additional problem, basic pain medication can be consumed which doesn’t contain caffeine. It is also strongly advised to consume large amounts of water.