#1 Selling Foot Detox PatchThe dental industry has amounted for one of the largest medical expenses and care in the United States last year. Dentistry, which encompasses a largely aesthetic part of the medical field has raked in some of the highest amounts of income in the field. Dentists remain one of the highest paid professionals in most countries across the world, especially in the United States. However, due to the exorbitant fee structure of dentists, there has been a growing part of the population of people that are adopting home remedies and measures to safely take teeth whitening into their own hands.

How To Naturally Whiten Your TeethBefore getting into the ways of teeth whitening, it is important to understand ‘why does the yellow staining of teeth occur’. In many cases, especially amongst Caucasian people, the staining of teeth are more common as they are relatively more susceptible to the problem. There are two kinds of yellow teeth staining. The first type of teeth staining is extrinsic staining, which may occur due to the food habits, smoking, and general oral hygiene. The extrinsic staining occurs at the outer layer of the teeth and can be easily avoided by maintaining good and regular oral hygiene. If you are a smoker, quitting the habit will be extremely helpful. It is also strongly advised to avoid coffee, tea, dark chocolates, and any other forms of food that are known to be staining foods or the ones that may cause a sticky feeling.

On the other hand, intrinsic stains are naturally occurring and may lie a little deeper than the enamel. It is not necessarily caused due to the erosion of the enamel like in the case of extrinsic stains. However, there have been remedies that have been proven to work for people with stained teeth. There are several home remedies which can be used to rid yourself of this aesthetic nightmare. For example, lemon has been known to whiten teeth. It is practiced in many parts of the world.

Banana skin

Banana skin has recently been shown to work surprising results for people that suffer from teeth staining. In the case of banana skins, what needs to be done is that, after eating a banana, the skin of the fruit needs to be gently rubbed against your teeth and must be kept for at least 10 minutes before brushing your teeth. Since bananas are natural and organic, it doesn’t have the harmful chemicals that you may find in a mouthwash. Bananas are full of magnesium and potassium, which are very good and healthy for teeth.

Dairy products

Dairy products, specifically milk and yogurt have been known to help in teeth whitening. Studies have shown that the daily consumption of dairy products is very helpful in retaining sparkly white teeth. It has been scientifically proven that dairy products such as milk, contain certain minerals that preclude the erosion of the enamel and result in milky white teeth.

Apples and strawberries

Malic acid is considered to be one of the biggest heroes for white teeth. It is the substance that removes stains from teeth even if they exist. Malic acid is not a preventive measure for stained teeth, but a cure. Malic acid has very strong and quick results in teeth. It is also easily available in nature in apples and strawberries. Strawberries contain copious amounts of this acid in the
natural environment, and you can consume it harmlessly and whiten your teeth naturally. Apples also contain malic acid, but in addition, the apple skin contains a lot of vitamins that comes in very useful in battling tartar, which is also a major reason for teeth staining. Malic acid is commonly used by the dentist in its chemical form when you walk in for a teeth whitening process.


Lemons contain a huge amount of citric acid and is renowned the world over for its effectiveness in the whitening of teeth. Lemons are a very strong teeth whitening substance. In spite of the effectiveness of lemons as a home remedy for teeth whitening, it is advised to be careful and not diligently regular with it. Lemons must also be well diluted before consumption, even though it may be done in intervals. It can be mixed with water and can be consumed no more than twice a week.