It should be noted that women’s health is different from that of men’s health. In other words, women face different kinds of health issues as compared to the men. The most important and preliminary step that should be remembered by women, is to take care of their bodies well and ensure that all the required precautions are taken for reducing those risks. You should not feel intimidated as many of these major threats to your health can be completely curable, as well as, preventable. Check out these top 5 threats to women’s health.

Heart disease

Heart disease is the number one killer of women, as well as, men. According to a report of CDC about 29 percent of deaths in women are caused due to heart diseases. For women, the most important problem with heart disease is not death, but disability or premature death. Many women die while they are in their sixties due to heart diseases. That is too young of an age to die in the United States of America. On the other hand, many women do not keep well due to heart diseases for several years now-they are unable to walk up the stairs and are often out of breath. That’s because they are unable to get around due to their heart disease. Though it is true that the numbers of men who die after suffering from heart disease are far greater in number while compared to women, many women remain undiagnosed. Sometimes it is too late to get cured, as the condition is detected at a later stage. The symptoms that women suffer due to heart disease are quite typical and even doctors cannot detect them at times.

While some women may experience chest pain, others may have symptoms such as out of breath, vomiting, nausea shoulder ache, chest pain and jaw pain. Omega-3 is a great vitamin to add to your daily regiment to help prevent heart disease. Another option is to include baked or grilled fish 2-3 times a week. Avoid fried fish as that can be counterproductive.

Breast cancer

For women, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer. In term of numbers, it ranks just behind lungs cancer as key cause of death in females. Some medical experts claim that many-a-times the scare of a breast cancer seem to be exaggerated. The fear may even prevent women from visiting the physicians for their checkups. Many women may even make impulsive decisions on undergoing a mastectomy though it may not be required. Breast cancer has varied types of treatments today and a woman should not think that she has got a death sentence. Often gynecologists advise women to make sure that their emotions are in check and concentrate on educating themselves on breast cancer related problems. It's good to get a Clinical Breast Exam (CBE) starting at the age of 25. If your family has a history of cancer talk to your doctor to see when you should start.


Top 5 threats to women's health Frailty, back pain and hunched backs were conditions that the women used to think as necessary evils of aging before even consulting their doctors. However, now it is a known fact that such conditions are often associated with osteoporosis. Thanks to medical advancements, there are several steps that can be taken by girls and women for avoiding these problems. There 44 million people in America who suffer from Osteoporosis out of which a whopping 68 percent are females.

You can fight the odds, and limit your chances of developing Osteoporosis. Prevent Osteoporosis by including a healthy amount of calcium and vitamin D in your diet. Also regularly exercising also helps.


Depression is a condition that affects more females than their male counterparts. According to a report by the National Institute of Mental Health, about twelve million women suffer from some kind of a depression every year as opposed to about six million men. Medical experts say that women need to stay connected with others while they live. If they miss out on that sustenance, they may go under depression. At times, changes in the hormones can also lead to a depressive condition. This is prevalent especially around menopause or post pregnancy.

If you suffer from depression know that there are a lot of people that care about you. Any time day or night if you need to talk to someone there are people you can call. The Crisis Center is 1-800-273-8255, or you can text ANSWER to 839863. You can also take an increased amount of Vitamin B and folic acid to reduce symptoms of depression. (Journal of Psychopharmacology 2005)

Some of the other risk factors may include:

  • Substance abuse
  • Problems in married life
  • Severe chronic illness
  • Heart problems in the family
  • History of depression in the family
  • A prior episode of depression


Alzheimer's disease

It is a degenerative and progressive disorder of brain and accounts for about four percent female deaths in the U.S. every year. Over 50 percent of 4.5 million people living in America who live with Alzheimer are women. In fact, more females die from this condition than men. The condition starts with being in a state of confusion and forgetfulness. But with time, it can lead to severe mental impairment.

It is important that you live an active social life, get good quality sleep, and Exercise regularly to prevent Alzheimer's disease from setting in. A healthy diet also plays a role. Try to limit your stress, and play mind challenging games. Adding supplements like ageBgon can help as well.

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