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Zeoderm Skin Moisturizer

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amazing results
After using a lot of different products for my 9-month-old who suffered from dermatitis since he was born, a woman in the street told us about Zeoderm and as we were looking for sth natural by then and we wanted to avoid cortisone, we tried it and immediately saw our baby's skin was getting better and purchased one tube. He recovered his skin (with ACUTE dermatitis) and his sleep when he was 1 year and a half old thanks to Zeoderm without any doubt. We saw it application after application. Of course we did not give him a bath every day and we took into account some other measures usually taken but Zeoderm was our salvation. Nowadays, he is 2 years and a half old and he does not feel skin irritation except a little bit when weather changes but it is almost imperceptible. The spray is also very very good even for nappy rash.
    -Review by Violet
New world of Living.
I have had severe Eczema since I was 2mths old, that's 49yrs. For the first time in my life I can shout from the roof tops and say I now know what it feels like to be in the land of normality. I can now sit in the company of others and while keeping my thoughts to myself say to myself this is a part of my life that was missing, pain free, NO scratching and no-one saying dont scratch just rub it, if only it was that easy. I wouldn't like anyone to have joined my world, but that would have given them insight. Although I'm a very confident person in a strange way the looks and comments, made over the years was not nice but made me more confident. I was told about this product by a work colleague, I started with Dermaspray but used at night because the smell was a little to strong for work ( results immediate) then bought the Zeroderm skin Repair Moisteriser (instant results) now it is my personal mission to tell as many people as as possible. Life is fantastic, A BIG THANKYOU for making me feel like a barrier to the new world of living has been taken down and I'm finely allowed to entre. I still have eczema but the difference is I'm controlling the condition I refuse to let the condition control me. Hope this review will help you don't look at the price of the product it is worth every penny because it really does work, enjoy your new life if you choose to enter, it is really up to you! Kind Regards B x
    -Review by Bev
So far so good..;
Am an adult male and have very red skin around the nose and chin which can flare up. Have been using this cream for about three weeks and so far so good. Only one inflammation and often disapears almost completely. Good
    -Review by Mark
It actually works
Honestly: after years trying out different things and always ending up with the inevitable high-potency steroids I tried Zeoderm and it has almost entirely cleared up my eczema within a couple of weeks. Going to try taking it to my GP and get it on prescription.
    -Review by arphethean
messed up finger nails
It's hard to fight psoriasis when it gets under the nail. I rub a heaping amount in my nail and around the outside before bed, or when I'm not doing physical activity so it has time to dry, and it is helping my nail grow back, I wish I took a before and after picture to show you. Great Stuff!
    -Review by Nathan

5 Item(s)

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