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Expired Antiac Acne Cleaning Spray

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long day, no shower time
sometimes I get home from working double shift and too exhausted to shower or anything, then wake up with pimples. Antiac clears my face before the day is over.
    -Review by Eric
I HATE this product and will never buy again for as long as I live! This crap not only smells very strong (my son complained about me giving him kisses and would tell me my face smells), but it made me break out way worse than I already had been.
    -Review by Miss R.
Excellent product
This product is the best you can buy for problem skin such as acne. I\'ve tried loads of products but nothing compares to Antiac. If you follow the instructions on the bottle exactly you will find a great improvement in your skin. I have suffered with acne for years and tried antibiotics which worked at the time but the acne kept returning. Antiac has helped clear up my acne and combined with a good diet and plenty of sleep, my skin is looking the best it has in years! I also purchased the Antiac facewash about a week ago and I already can see an even bigger improvement in my skin. I don\'t use anything else now except for the facewash and the spray.
    -Review by Julie
A little means a lot
At 69yrs still have a troubled skin, spots, breakouts, oily patches, honest I am 69, saw a free sample, wow, what a difference, within a few days my skin looked and felt so much better, the smell is oh so clean and fresh, I now buy this product with pleasure.
    -Review by Holedigger
Great product for acne prone skin
Although it contains quite a lot of natural oil and it makes me feel oily while applying the product, once the product is fully absorbed and dry, I don't feel greasy on my face anymore and my skin also feel really refreshed. Using together with Gel serum really heals my acne problem! This is another incredible product for acne prone skin!
    -Review by Sirawit
Really Pleased
Bought the range for my 14 year old daughter after having tried many things including antibiotics and acne tablets from the doctor and within the first week of using the products, we noticed a massive difference. It's amazing! She's been using the products for approximately 7 months and she wouldn't use anything else. Definitely would recommend.
    -Review by Cici N
Was the answer
I see the difference when I stop using this. It cleared my face, where nothing else worked. Great on sensitive skin.
    -Review by Karry

7 Item(s)

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