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NuNutrients - Cucumber Eye Cream

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As good or better than Estee Lauder/Lancome!
Loved this product. It smells clean, like cucumber, and it did not irritate my skin or have any negative side effects. I used it underneath my eyes both during the day and at night, and I have noticed a positive difference. My eyes don't look "baggy" like they normally did. My skin does feel and look tighter and thus less wrinkly.

Love that it is made in the USA too. In the past, I have used more expensive eye creams like Lancome and Estee Lauder, but this works just as well or better and is more cost efficient.
    -Review by Christie
the Spa
Just like the cream my spa sells around the corner - at $100 a pop.
    -Review by Ann
Made my skin feel smoothe
I originally bought this product to remove the bags under my eyes but it SOO much more than that. NuNutrient cream also got rid of my wrinkles, and made my skin feel smoothie. I have been using this product for several weeks day and night religiously.
    -Review by Dor
A must have!
i'm only 21 and i already have such terrible dark circles under my eyes. I can only really get them to go away if i go get a facial but i just don't have the fund for that right now. After i found this eye cream though, i started to notice my dark circles just weren't a problem anymore, and it also reduces a lot of stress on the eyes because of the cucumber in it. i feel rejuvenated and i don't have to spend an extra 20 minutes in the morning packing on concealer before i go to work!
    -Review by SammieA
Very nice..
Very nice....I like to use the NuNutrients eye cream at night as part of my usual night-time regimen. After washing my face, and massaging the serum into my face, I take a bit of the eye cream on my baby finger and then lightly dab it under my eye. At my age, under eye bags are inevitable, probably due to daily stress and lack of enough sleep. Realistically, the eye cream hasn't taken away the bags under my eyes but it's certainly left them less noticeable after two weeks' use. Not only that, once I apply the cream under my eyes, the skin becomes more soft, less strained. I really like that. Overall, it's definitely a product I recommend to anyone with under eye fatigue - as you can tell, I much prefer to refer to them as "eye fatigue" rather than "under eye bags".
    -Review by Marta Tandori
Helps my dark Circles
This product not only smells good but it Feels good. I Have really bad dark circles. It is really bad and Makeup hasnt really helped. I have been using this product about 5 days and Im noticing a difference. I fully intend to use this daily for the next few weeks and see how it turns out at the end of the month But i have high hopes for this product!
    -Review by caitlin w
Why bother trying others, this one WORKS WONDERS! I am truly happy I bought this!
Nu-nutrients Cucumber cream cools my skin around the my eyes, and leaves it feeling super smooth. Working over 14+ hour shifts, I have gained dark circles under my eyes which the cucumber cream has been fixing little by little and day by day. I think its one of the best and maybe the only best cream I have ever used to work this good. It doesnt smell bad and it refreshes my skin. :) I love it.
    -Review by Ana M R

7 Item(s)

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